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6 Reasons You Should Choose LED Yacht Lights Over Conventional Lights March 3, 2015

Over the years, technology has evolved at a rapid rate. When we talk about yacht lights, many people still prefer conventional lighting fixtures. However, they don’t realize the impact of conventional lights on their budget and environment. In the last few years, LED lighting has become quite popular among people who want to save money and environment. In fact, people also prefer designer LED lights these days. LED lighting offers numerous benefits to users. Some of these have been discussed in this post.

1. Long Life

It’s worth mentioning that traditional lights function properly for just a couple of years. On the other hand, when your average consumption is about 8 hours every day, LED yacht lights end up working for more than 10 years. On average, LED lights from atlantic marine inc can easily function properly for around 80000-90000 hours. This number is way more than traditional lights.

 2. Cost Effective

There are many people who don’t purchase LED lights because of their high installation cost. However, you need to understand that LED lights can run for a very long time. In addition to this, their maintenance cost is low. Thus, they are a very cost effective options in the long term. In simple terms, LED yacht lights can provide great value for money. 

3. Less Depreciation Rate

LED lighting does not flicker or cause problems related to power interruptions. Therefore, depreciation rate of LED lighting is quite low. This is the primary reason they are perfect for exterior spaces, such as yachts.

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4. Versatility

LED lighting comes in many different types and serves different purposes. For instance, designer LED yacht lights have become quite popular in the last few years. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a lot of different options.

5. No Harmful Radiations

LED lighting does not emit UV rays. Therefore, they don’t affect your skin in any way. On the other hand, conventional lights emit UV rays, which can be very harmful for your skin.

6. Environment-Friendly

For Example, 12 volt LED rope lights do not contain any lead, mercury or other such toxic substances. All you need to illuminate LED lighting is a basic low-voltage power source. Moreover, LED lights can be turned off and on in an instant. Therefore, they don’t waste much energy. LED lighting leads to low energy consumption.

If you consider everything that has been mentioned in this post, you will realize the benefits of LED lighting over conventional lights. LED lighting not only helps you save money, but also reduces energy consumption. Let me be clear: Try the switch from conventional lights to designer LED lighting and you will experience a delightful change. 🙂